How do Sports nutritionist Dietitian appointments work?

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In one of the London clinics, a home visit or online; I'm here to help you reach your performance and health goals. As a dietitian I can accept medical insurance with prior-authorisation. 

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Understand your clinical and sports nutrition needs

You are unique. To help you get to the root cause of a health problem or optimise your performance - I offer a number of body composition, blood and performance testing either in your own home, in clinic or with trusted medical partners.

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Take your health and performance to the next level

You'll be sent your report and any results by secure GDPR compliant email systems. Your report will contain all you need to get started including recipes, sports nutrition or health supplement advice and any lifestyle changes. All you need to do is follow the advice and see your performance improve. 

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Dr Catherine Spencer Smith - Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine

Rick is the absolute 'go-to' person if you need connecting with a highly-trained, personable and sports-friendly nutritional expert. 

Rick's a clinician, and thus his skills set him apart from the confusing (and sometimes murky) world of 'nutritionists'.

He's helped my athletes recover from stress fractures, underperformance, abdominal symptoms and fatigue. 

His advice is solid, well-researched and pleasingly low on 'must have' supplements. 

He advocates eating proper food (!) and all of my patients have found him to be highly approachable and incredibly helpful.

I can't recommend him enough.

Need to see a Sports Doctor? Visit Dr Spencer-Smith here

*self-pay only. Medical insurance claims must be conducted in a clinic setting for registration purposes.

Dr Amarjit Raindi - Private and Concierge GP in Harley Street

Rick is an excellent dietitian - extremely knowledgeable with a passion for his speciality combined with great communication skills. 

He is my go to person for dietary advice and I recommend him to my patients with complete confidence. 

The feedback I receive from my patients after they have seen him is always outstanding.

Need a GP?  Visit Dr Raindi Here


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