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Are you trying to peak for your next event and don’t know how?


Are you confused about what sports supplements to take and when? 

Are you recovering from training and competition optimally? 

Are you trying to juggle your day to day work performance and sports performance? 

A Sports Nutritionist can help you get the right fuel. At the right time.

 Have you ever felt what it’s like to be fuelled and recovered optimally in your sport? 

Simply put, sports nutrition is THE vital piece of the sports performance puzzle. 

If you don’t supply your body with an optimal nutrition program for your body then you cannot expect all that hard work at your sport to pay off. Top performing athletes understand that their sports performance program is only as good as the fuel they put in.

By providing the right amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients; topped off with the perfect nutrient timing regimen, sports performance nutrition can make the difference between winning and losing in competition. 

So stop ‘spinning your wheels’ in the gym! Speak to a sports nutritionist and help yourself obtain the edge on your competition, reach your perfect body shape goals in a fraction of the time.

A Sports Nutritionist can help you work hard. As well as play hard.

 Sports nutrition is not just about providing nutrients or sports supplements at the right time and dose in the gym. That’s just scratching the surface. 

A bespoke sports nutritionist program can help you eliminate or manage those daily issues we all struggle with boosting energy levels, improving mood, alleviating digestive problems or even get the root cause of medical problems. 

A Sports Nutritionist can help You reach your physique goals.

Most athletes need to maintain a specific body composition or the amount of lean muscle to body fat they are carrying. 

The truth is body composition isn’t just about having a six pack or toned body. 

Body composition also includes understanding what’s INSIDE your body such as the strength and health of your bones or how much fat around your organs. 

Years of fad and crash diets or simply following the wrong sports nutrition program can wreak havoc on your body composition. 

You can reverse this today with a tailored program that suits your body and goals. 

*self-pay only. Medical insurance claims must be conducted in a clinic setting for registration purposes.

Testimonial - Dr Laura Quinton, Specialist Women's Health GP

Rick is a fantastic dietician. He has a genuine caring and holistic approach. 

He is the private dietician of choice for many London doctors, including myself. I have been working with Rick for some time and he has always provided a top notch professional and knowledgeable service to my patients. 

I rate him very highly from my professional experience. Fantastic and helpful service.

Need at GP Today? Why not give Dr Quinton a call? 

Dr Laura Quinton
Dr Laura Quinton

How do Sports nutritionist Dietitian appointments work?

Rick Miller Making an appointment on a laptop

Book the appointment that suits you

In one of the London clinics, a home visit or online; I'm here to help you reach your performance and health goals. As a dietitian I can accept medical insurance with prior-authorisation. 

Rick Miller Dietitian in performance testing with a client

Understand your clinical and sports nutrition needs

You are unique. To help you get to the root cause of a health problem or optimise your performance - I offer a number of body composition, blood and performance testing either in your own home, in clinic or with trusted medical partners.

Marathon runner after seeing a Sports Nutritionist

Take your health and performance to the next level

You'll be sent your report and any results by secure GDPR compliant email systems. Your report will contain all you need to get started including recipes, sports nutrition or health supplement advice and any lifestyle changes. All you need to do is follow the advice and see your performance improve. 

Are you ready to transform?

Testimonial - Dr Catherine Spencer Smith, Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine

Rick is the absolute 'go-to' person if you need connecting with a highly-trained, personable and sports-friendly nutritional expert. 

Rick's a clinician, and thus his skills set him apart from the confusing (and sometimes murky) world of 'nutritionists'.

He's helped my athletes recover from stress fractures, underperformance, abdominal symptoms and fatigue. 

His advice is solid, well-researched and pleasingly low on 'must have' supplements. 

He advocates eating proper food (!) and all of my patients have found him to be highly approachable and incredibly helpful.

I can't recommend him enough.

Need to see a Sports Doctor? Visit Dr Spencer-Smith here

Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith
Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith

Testimonial - Dr Amarjit Raindi, Private and Concierge GP in Harley Street

Rick is an excellent dietitian - extremely knowledgeable with a passion for his speciality combined with great communication skills. 

He is my go to person for dietary advice and I recommend him to my patients with complete confidence. 

The feedback I receive from my patients after they have seen him is always outstanding.

Need a GP?  Visit Dr Raindi Here

Dr Amarjit Raindi
Dr Amarjit Raindi